• Paul Kowalski

What Makes PKB a Unique Design / Build Company

Hi, I'm Paul Kowalski with Paul Kowalski builders. We elevate the remodeling experience through our unique ability to collaborate, design, and create high-quality custom projects.

We're a bigger team, to begin with, and instead of me having to be the designer, the project manager, janitor, and an accountant, we've got professionals in each niche. We have individual people such as an architectural designer on staff, and an overall production manager who is dedicated to overseeing our subcontractors and the folks that are supervising each piece of your project. We have this process in place to organize all these folks together and so that you get what is truly a collaborative experience within each discipline. Experts in their own field, working together for you to produce an awesome project. The benefit is confidence, the confidence to know that your project was well-thought-out in terms of space planning, design, and how it's actually going to get executed. Wondering where that gas line is going to go? Knowing things like that before you get started is the difference between a dream remodel, and one that's a complete nightmare.

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