• Paul Kowalski

Remodeling to Age in Place

Aging and mobility issues affect everybody.

Hey, it's Paul with Paul Kowalski Builders. You may know somebody in a professional capacity, or maybe you're a doctor or nurse that knows somebody or has recently, unfortunately, had some sort of loss of function or facility. Likewise, you may have a family or a friend that you know of that is either aging or again, maybe the function and their ability aren't what it used to be. Living in a home can sometimes present challenges that are unexpected, especially when this is an immediate onset. I've taken the time to study and earn a certification in Universal Design. That Universal Design experience helps me create spaces that are equitable for use by everybody regardless of their age and their ability to use the space effectively. Here at Paul Kowalski builders, we're here to elevate the remodeling experience equitably for everyone through our unique ability to collaborate design and create high-quality custom projects.

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